Established in 2011, Global Advertising & Event Solution focuses not only on the printing, advertising and design services but our client's needs and satisfied to our response and completion rapidly with efficiency as well.


We are under appointed some of shopping malls and retails contractor which able to provide in-house printing and installation in one hub. We only produce the best quality products which supported by leading printing industry to make sure our products and maintain our quality.


Provide one stop advertising solution that fulfill our clients' need

We invest in the latest technology and equipment to provide the high quality products to our clients.

We work together to achieve the right solutions

Our in house production provide flexibility to cater customer's need within a short period.

We  deliver the best quality of hands-work to all of our valuable client.

We listen to our client needs and give the best advice accordingly. 

We've build a solid reputation for our exceptional level of service. 

We quote based on the value that we deliver. The quality of product are our concerned.

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